Now Accepting Volunteers

We are looking for volunteers who would like to share their time, talents and gifts with our residents. Possibilities include leading a class to teach the residents a craft or skill, providing entertainment, or doing a project with the kids.

We currently have several projects to help update and organize the shelter. We are working on plaster repair and painting in many of the common spaces in the house. On the outside, we would like to replace the carpeting on the porch and provide more seating for the moms while the kids are playing in the yard.

Please see the volunteeringĀ opportunities listed below to see how you can help today! We are also open to additional ideas that you may have.

Plaster Repair

In preparation for painting in the common spaces in the house, we are looking for volunteers who are able to repair the crackied plaster in our historic building. Areas include hallways, family and toy rooms and other common spaces. If you would like to learn more about this project please email us at clkirkendall@samaritanhouse.org or call us at 419.222.4663 so we can setup a time to meet.


We are searching for individuals or groups that would be interested in helping us beatify the common spaces in the shelter through fresh paint and decor. If you would like to be a part of our painting projects, please contact us so we can arrange a tour of the shelter and match your talents with our spaces.

Family Fun Night

We all know how important quality time with family and friends is to us. Imagine if you did not have the opportunity for a relaxing day or evening visiting with each other, enjoying good food and having fun. We would like our residents to be able to enjoy some time of light hearted fun and connection. We would like to have a Family Fun Night one night a month and are looking for groups who would be willing to provide a meal and entertainment, games or crafts for our residents to enjoy. Some ideas include a Mexican Fiesta night, Pizza and crafts, a cookout and yard games or maybe and outdoor movie night with hotdogs and popcorn. We welcome your ideas and hope you will partner with us. If you would like to participate contact us so we can discuss your ideas and set a date.



All of us crafter’s know how having a hobby and and being able to see our accomplishments through a project can brighten our day. If you have a craft you would like to share we welcome you to come to the shelter and work with the residents. If you are not able to come to the shelter but would still like to help, we are looking for fun craft kits for the ladies and children. The kits can be geared for the women, the children, or for them to work on as a family. We would like to have all the materials for an activity in a kit so they will have everything they need.