Women and children are referred to Lima’s Samaritan House by a direct phone call from the homeless individual, social services agencies, walk in, hospitals, law enforcement, churches, or concerned individuals or businesses. Clients eligible for services must have no permanent residence. Samaritan House staff must speak directly with the potential resident and are available 24/7 for determination of eligibility.

Lima’s Samaritan House can accommodate up to seventeen households at a time and up to thirty-five individuals depending on the size of the households being served.


While there is no cost to stay at Samaritan House, the women are required to save 80% of their income to apply toward their future housing. This not only empowers the women by investing in their own future, but also helps to extend the limited community resources. Admissions are up to a 90 day period.

Samaritan House has developed the following criteria; to be eligible for the emergency shelter program, the individual must be:

  • 18 years of age or older, identifying as female
  • Homeless
  • Must have Photo ID for adult and Social Security Numbers for adults and accompanying minor children (without ID, only the Director or Case Manager can give approval for admission). Effort will be made to help the potential resident identify resources where they may have access to copies of identification (Job & Family Services, Doctor, School, Employer, etc.)
  • Must have never been convicted of child molestation or arson
  • Not be in “Do Not Readmit Status” or be willing to comply with conditions if in “Conditional Status” based on previous admissions or contact
  • Must be able to provide care for themselves and accompanying minor children and not pose harm to themselves or others. Women or their accompanying children with conditions that pose a threat to the health and/or well-being of themselves, staff or other residents will not be admitted to the shelter. Staff will make effort to identify appropriate referrals for care or housing.
  • Must be willing to meet weekly with Case Management and abide by shelter guidelines as identified in the Client Handbook-Program Rules, Guidance, & Daily Schedule and are expected to be actively working on rehousing plans and related assistance to overcome immediate and direct barriers to secure housing

Intake Policy

  • Assessment for determination of eligibility criteria will be conducted by staff for potential residents seeking assistance at the time the potential resident makes contact.
  • Intake interviews will only be conducted in person and if there is an open room in the emergency shelter that can accommodate the potential resident. Intake interviews will be conducted on a first come, first serve basis. No waiting list or reservations.
  • If it is determined that the individual seeking shelter may pose a danger to themselves or others, they will be referred to the police or emergency services until such time as they may be reassessed for eligibility determination. It may be necessary for the potential client to meet with a Case Manager before a determination of eligibility can be made. In that case, they may not be able to complete an intake outside of normal business hours.
  • Individuals who have other safe and appropriate housing options or resources away from emergency shelter will be referred to appropriate providers of homelessness prevention assistance, as needed, desired, and available.
  • Request from a current resident for her minor child(ren) to become residents who were not originally included at intake will be processed if:
    • the criteria for eligibility is met
    • there are beds available to meet the request